Tuesday, January 18, 2011

day 10 in Penang

went to Prangin Mall with my housemate by bus~came to Penang for a week and finally get to take bus in Penang^^bought a new cloth and pair of shoe~went to 1st Avenue for a while before went home~bought a drink at basement~i ordered green apple milk tea~OMG!when i drink and i gotta SAY NO TO COO BLOG GREEN APPLE MILK TEA!!!lolx~although very "nan yam" but i have finishes it~haha
~housemate, Cai-Bing~

~housemate, Wiwi~
~housemate, 凯君~
~my new shoe^^~

day 9 in Penang

went to Straits Quay~the most beautiful "shopping complex" i ever seen~i love the place very very much~so nice~i went the place for 3 times already~and finally i get the chance to take photo of the main entrance~hehe^^
~main entrance~

~seaside view~

Friday, January 14, 2011

day 7 in Penang

went to boon yan's house~sleep+chat+dinner at her home^^i love her house very much~for me, it's very big already lo~haha~
after dinner went to gurney drive~walked to 7eleven buy ice-cream~then walk back to her house's swimming pool there~sit at the pool side~we sit there more than 1 hour~the mosquito come more and more~beh tahan~haha
it's 1st time for me leh~go to friend's house sleep and chat and dinner~
i went to gurney plaza alone at morning then afternoon she ask me want go to her house or not~haha
eating ice-cream while walking at roadside^^

Thursday, January 13, 2011

day 6 in Penang

Today went to the 1st TGV cinema in penang at 1st Avenue and watch 天天好天~I'm wondering when ipoh will have such a big cinema like here~really totally different with ipoh lo~here's cinema is more comfort,cooller and bigger than ipoh's cinema~
~escalators to car parks and 8th floor~
5th to 7th floor is car park~
i love the way they design the building^^

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The 1st in 2011

Yor~I'm currently in Penang now~starting a new life at here~just reach here on last Saturday~studying at inter-excel(air steward and stewardess traning centre) now~going to start working on next tuesday as a waitress~nothing to do for this few days~just stay in hostel and online~luckily connected to a WIFI with no password needed~kaka~if not,really "fat mou" in hostel already^^
will upload some new picture here~
whatever i ate at here and its better than ipoh's, the picture will be here :)
it's call "HOT APPLE"~inside got ice-cream 1~but i forgot the shop's name~hehe^^it's just near gurney plaza~i think it's call gurney drive~xp

Sunday, April 18, 2010

here come almost the end...

Here come almost the end...

I have elected the incoming B.O.D~and organized our club 14th Anniversary on 17th April 2010~
I'm very tired recently~many thing need to do~and happened many problem~
well...dun wan talk about sad things...

here want to share with u all about the news for my shining teens~here is the blog's link~free feel to visit ya~

KBOX Shining Teens 2010 @ F2 Sophia

and also feel free visit my facebook~there many photo share with u all~

next...frens! i need ur support!!! how??? so easy...just click the link below here, then become a fan, then promote to ur frens~
KBOX ST@F2 Sophia Lee

will update photo soon...be patient frens^^

Monday, March 15, 2010

Leo Idol~end~

Yesterday leo idol finish~gone~I join in 2 category~group and solo~both are dancing~i joined in group with vivian with the name Cocorange~we get in to final as Top 5 for perak~I din feel happy maybe i tried it before~it's a challenge for us~6 song combined in 2 songs we used 1 day to practice only~it's make me only sleep for 3 hours in the night~well~i take it as a experience~I get many comment from the judges~they said my dancing is good~especially Zenny, she duno I know how to dance~Baki said,our performance is good~but make sure everything clean~continue~Ben asked me, why don't i sing~i just answer him i din have time to practice as i just finish my exam~but i don't think it's an excuse~I felt proud when lion alan ask everyone to give a proud of plause for me, because i'm the grand 5 finalist for last year and i have the courage go back again in this year~
1 thing make me regret~I din prepare well for my solo presentation~and also I feel that i make a wrong decision for my 1st round~at first, I think I want to challenge myself, so i choose dancing for my 1st round~but seems like i make the judges disappointed~Congratulation to stan~u done very well~tomorrow i'm going to have interview for ST 2010~i don't know what to prepare at all~

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Long time didn't update blog already~
CNY finished~angpao money just have 200++~
so less~but already pecah record in my life~
Last 2 days went to leolympic bowling competition~
get a syok when i heard that I've got 2nd runner-up~
so surprise~so happy~
Exam is just around the corner~haven't start revision yet~so bad~
okla~don't know what to write already~bye~